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Etsy tips for sellers

So yesterday I had lots of time to play with my new Etsy account. Here’s a synopsis of my day.

First I took photo’s inside my new light box (thank you my sweet boyfriend!). Of course after I had taken about a hundred shots a brilliant e-mail came to me from Etsy called Etsy Success: Top 2008 Tips for Sellers. Inside this e-mail was Give your Etsy Shop a PageRank Boost by Timothy Adams Design (He makes modern metal jewelry and other amazing items!). Actually Timothy is such a good resource on Etsy that I signed up for his e-mails and read two of his articles yesterday.

Back to the Etsy e-mail, next came How to get the Etsy Sales you want by houseofmouse (she makes adorable little creatures). Her article was helpful with photography, pricing, descriptions, tagging, and one of my favorites was giving yourself a shop critique.

After reading all about styling photographs for better sales, I ended up re-shooting all of my earlier shots. Here’s a before…

blueberry, crystal and pearl clusters

blueberry, crystal and pearl clusters

and after…

blueberry, crystal and pearl clusters - after adding props

blueberry, crystal and pearl clusters - after adding props

In reality I did have a prop for the first image, however I didn’t have as much texture as the after photo. My goal is to keep playing with different props until I find a couple that work with the different styles of jewelry I create.

I spent so much time playing with props that I stopped reading through the rest of the Etsy e-mail. Late last night I talked in the Etsy forums and learned about treasuries (how to capture one!). I have been wondering about treasuries since I first set up shop last month, finally I fully understand how it is done! Go here to find out more about capturing a treasury! Or here to get the low-down from another Etsian (fishstikks).

More to come later about my voyages through Etsyland!