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Snowboard trends this season…

Yesterday I took a trip over to my local REI to browse the new snowboard gear out this winter. I really just enjoy checking out the trends in that world, since I rarely pick up new gear, it becomes so expensive. Some of the themes I noted was…

1. Story telling, where it came from


image: Venture Snowboards

board: ZEPHYR, Venture Snowboards

why I love it: Venture boards are made from sustainably harvested hardwoods, they make all of their boards from scratch in a 100% wind-powered facility in Colorado and they use no outsourced or prefab. materials. The ZEPHYR shows off the woods natural beauty, there are limited graphic elements which seems like a step away from traditional snowboard gear which tends to boast loud and proud. (I didn’t find this board at REI, I just noted the trend then researched the companies that are taking positive + innovative steps in the industry.)



board: Arbor Element Snowboard 2008

why I love it: This board uses sustainably harvested Koa wood found in the Hawaiian Islands for it’s topsheet. Again I like that the board on the left uses wood grain as an aesthetic element instead of adding graphics. Even though this wood trend began a while ago, I think it is picking up even more speed this year.

Both the Venture board and the Arbor Element board remind me of Gordon Smith skateboards (I like their long-boards) which often utilize the wood, often a stripe of some sort, to bring out it’s natural beauty.



board: EcoNico, Burton

why I love it: The EcoNico is a Burton board aimed at minimizing the impact manufacturing has on the environment, Burton calls it the Green Mountain Project. Instead of showing off the goods (wood) we get a picture of the message being sent or story being told by this board; reducing our footprint on the earth, I dig it.

2. Simplify



jacket: Encounter Pullover, Burton

why I love it: First it is a pullover, I haven’t owned a pullover in years, my last was the ever fadulous starter jacket, my team was….I’m not telling, it may hurt my Eagles reputation! Snowboarding and pullovers make a lot of sense together, pull tight and your securing yourself from snow up your shirt (brrrrr..), unless your kicking overalls of course. The pullover seems to give a bit more flexibility because it excludes a zipper in the way. This jacket is SIMPLE, no crazy graphics! Hey, I like my loud gear sometimes, but every now and then I’d like to zen out on the mountain, simple allows this. I like the use of color, simple red zippers accent and contrast this white jacket. Overall a clean and fresh look for this winter. (This jacket is from the women’s collection B by Burton)

3. Innovation (as usual)…



belt: 686 Cranium Toolbelt

why I love it: It never fails that I forget my tools in the car. No I do not own a snowboard bag to store all these handy items inside. I mentioned I was frugal when it came to my snowboard gear. 686 is genius; snowboard companies always exceed my expectations with innovative products and gear, so it is no surprise that this toolbelt comes out of that environment (industry, whatev). Besides this belt just being insanely brilliant, it is waterproof, has two screwdrivers, a hex socket wrench and a bottle opener (this belts exudes survival of the fittest). I found the belt in black, brown and screen printed (the belt shown in the image above). This belt was out last year also, however I didn’t see it making rounds in the stores last season, so my thought is that will blast all over the scene this season (hey, I saw it in REI).