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Purple, the it color still?

So what is your favorite color this season? Purple is still the “it” color these days. I have found some shades of purple that I am loving right now, like this beautiful scarf from Nenee.

NENEEE sweater song cowl @ NENEEE's etsy shop

NENEEE sweater song cowl @ NENEEE's etsy shop

Deep purple shades like this scarf scream urban chic. I would gladly replace my black clothes this season for this lovely color! Even bright purples can look fabulous. The shirt below looks amazing with the addition of gray to balance this particular shade of purple.

Slouchy Wonderful @ Replicca's etsy shop

Slouchy Wonderful @ Replicca's etsy shop

My favorite color this season is olive! Why? Olive can be funky, urban, elegant, glamorous, natural, hip…you get the point. Here are some of my favorites! This delicious hat makes me want to play in the snow all day! Too bad it doesn’t come in my size (children only!)

knit baby hat @ MadAboutColour's etsy

knit baby hat @ MadAboutColour's etsy

While the hat is funky and cute olive, the knit scarf below can be hip or fabulous!

knit scarf @Bombshellstudios etsy

knit scarf @Bombshellstudios etsy

Let me know what your favorite color is this season!


more me

My about area told you that I would share more about me, so here we go…

These are a few of my favorite things

my other vision board

my vision board

My vision board kind of contradicts itself, apparently I want to live

on a desolate island while having a country home, while living in

a boat off the coast of Morocco?! I also love napkin sketches, I

am not sure how that will manifest itself but I am interested in

waiting it out. Ideas that win ideas, also not even sure how

that works though I love toying with new ideas so this one

will be fun. Oh, and I love textiles (my header is a textile print

I made while studying in Denmark last summer).

first birthday announcement

friends first birthday announcement

I love how simple this announcement is, why can’t life always be

this simple? (I keep it on the frig hence the curly edges).

my tater pot

my tater pot

As goofy and playful as me is this little tater pot. What is a tater

pot you ask, well it was made for growing herbs inside but mine

died 😦

You can find tater pots at