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Christmas tradition I make every year

During my annual Christmas tradition of making an ornament for every person in my family, I decided to make a couple of extra and sell them on Esty. This year I choose a snowman (maybe they are snow women, as they are very dainty) theme, soft colors, and pleasing to the eye. I think I am going to add a Santa and a reindeer to this collection, we’ll see how far I get in this process. Speaking of which, I have included some photographs of the creation process and some of the final snowmen/women ornaments.



taking apart

almost finished


another snowman

full body snowman

chunky scarf snowman

I am going to sell these + some others, which are awaiting a photograph, on my Etsy shop which can be located by going here Each snowman is designed different, no two snowmen are alike! Anyway, this project should release some pent up cold weather energy I’ve been having lately. Maybe I just need to get out and play in the snow.